Dundee Rock Services (DRS) acknowledges the importance of protecting environmental values as part of the global community. Through our planning and practice, we ensure the protection of the environment by keeping environmental harm to a minimum in a sustainable, economically rewarding and technically viable way.

All members of the Dundee Rock Services team share the responsibility for protecting our environment. Executive, Managers, Sub-Contractors and Supervisors must ensure that they comply with the Environmental Protection Act. All individuals undertaking activities on any of the Dundee Rock Services sites must take all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise any environmental harm the activity may cause.

Dundee Rock Services commits to:

  • Consider sustainability issues in the decision-making process of planning and managing DRS operations and activities, including capital works projects.
  • Facilitate and enhance the decision-making process by seeking opinions, feedback and participation from the DRS stakeholders on environmental management issues on sites.
  • Promote and encourage environmental awareness and training to ensure all individuals at DRS are aware of their environmental responsibilities.
  • Strive for continuous improvement of environmental performance by identifying and addressing environmental risk.
  • Make available procedures for minimising risks that comply with local, state and federal environmental legislation with the goal of attaining best environmental practice.
  • Offer, encourage and develop courses, programs and research projects of environmental and sustainable content.
  • Promote external awareness by supporting projects that seek solutions to environmental problems in order to improve the sustainability of the global environment.

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