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Dundee Rock Services specialises in providing high quality cleaning and property services.

Dundee Rock, Established in 2005 is proud to announce our newest venture Dundee Rock Services (DRS). We are a company staffed and led by Indigenous Peoples dedicated in delivering high quality facility support services across the soft service sector.

Through a commitment to quality, we have created highly-valuable client relationships and lasting career opportunities for Indigenous Peoples. As we continue to grow, we have welcomed Mermaid Property Services(MPS) into the business to expand our scope and achieve a national reach.

MPS brings with them over 35 years in the property services industry, providing cleaning services to major commercial properties, national educational campuses, industrial sites and manufacturing plants, and aged-care and leisure facilities across the nation.

Our Mission

We are committed to deliveringpremium cleaning services to clients and giving Indigenous Peoples meaningful career pathways.

By bringing MPS into the business, we are expanding the scope of that mission beyond the Northern Territory and offer high-quality cleaning services nation-wide.

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