Dundee Rock Services is 100% Aboriginal business providing high-quality services to a variety of sectors including Government, Defence and Commercial sectors Australia wide. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning
  • Facilities Management

The original Dundee Rock business, founded by Tom Hutcheson, was developed 20 years ago and still operates providing renovation and refurbishment services locally in Darwin and the greater NT region including remote communities supporting Aboriginal social and economic advancement to community. The journey to expand began with the creation of Dundee Rock Services (DRS).

Through this business structure, we strive to achieve a higher percentage of direct Indigenous employment, along with utilising other Indigenous businesses Australia wide.

The DRS objective is to set ourselves apart from the standard structure of bringing in Indigenous employees at lower-level positions and to acknowledge the value of which an individual can bring to the table from their own unique work and life experiences.

Wherever the location, DRS is committed to ensuring that equal opportunities are given to Indigenous Australians. Our aim is to maintain long term employment so to engage, train and promote onwards and upwards within our business. Here at DRS, we believe in honouring and acknowledging our first nations people.

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